Google Ads campaigns are always hidden behind the success of a business

You may have heard a lot about Google Ads campaigns but you do not know why they are so effective in ensuring the online success of any business that uses it as an opportunity. Below we introduce you to the advantages of Google AdWords

How to Generate Leads

You need to be visible where your customers are. In particular, Facebook promotions have been shown to provide a favorable ROI for businesses thanks to their free advertising costs and fantastic ability to target the very specific audience you hope to reach with your product / service.

10 valuable tips you should read to choose the ideal business name.

When starting a new business, finding a name for your business can be challenging. Your business name is the first impression you will make with potential customers and the most important first step to success

How to guarantee the success of your business in its first year?

Every business encounters difficulties in its first year, but there are some measures that need to be taken in order to guarantee the efficiency and success of the business from its inception. Financial measures 1. Create a business plan. A business plan is essential to the success of your business. 2. Save for unexpected expenses

Benefits of E-commerce

E-commerce has not only transformed the way we shop, but has also provided many benefits to consumers and businesses. We will list some of the advantages that E-commerce provides for your customers: It enables customers to buy or make transactions all day, all year round, in any country in the world.

How to make your brand known.

For small businesses, it is always difficult to differentiate the market from competitors and make their brand known. From its experience, Novus Marketing and Advertising offers you some tips on which any new entrepreneur can rely. Get to know your offer.

The first E-book platform in Albania built by Novus Marketing

For years technology has made the world of books and reading part of it by selling and reading mijra libra online. But in our country there was still no real platform for E-book. Therefore Novus made it possible to create and develop the first E-book platform in Albania, giving all book lovers the opportunity to read their beloved books on online version.

Will our businesses survive this virus? YES

And who would have thought that from our normal day, with work plans and momentum we would pass into a total isolation. Many of us never thought we would live through a global pandemic like COVID - 19.

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