How to be successful on Instagram by paying attention to algorithms?

How does the algorithm work on Instagram? This is the question that comes to everyone's mind as they hear about the algorithm.

There are 6 key factors that determine Instagram algorithm:

• Interest - Instagram determines how much they might be interested in a post from your past behavior. This means that Instagram will not show you content in chronological order, but rather based on what Instagram thinks you want to see.

• Time - Instagram "favors" newer content over older posts.

• Relationship - This considers how much you interact with people. (For example, are you tagged in posts together? Do you comment on each other's posts?)

• Frequency - Updates based on how often you open the application.

• Tracking - The more people you track, the wider your information will be. This means not having a particular focus on certain people.

• Usage - The more time you spend on the app, the deeper it will search in its content for more unique things to tell you.

Changing the Algorithm on Instagram

# 1: Post longer comments to engage users

Now that Instagram is using an algorithm, posts will be displayed according to what a user has engaged most in the past. Comments written to engage your user will increase the likelihood that they will like, share or comment on your future content. Remember to include direct calls to action for your followers to interact with your content. Changing the Algorithm on Instagram

# 2: Use more hashtags

Hashtags help organize content under relevant categories so that users can easily find what they are looking for. Instagram allows users to attach a maximum of 30 hashtags to their posts. The more hashtags that can be found in your content, the higher the chance that users can find you.

The key is to use only hashtags that are relevant to your business. Avoid the usual hashtags (like #love, #photooftheday, #red, #friends) that are famous but not relevant to what your business does.

# 3: Ask your followers to activate post notifications.

For example, create a post by asking your followers to activate post notifications if they want to see when you are offering a sale. Changing the Algorithm on Instagram

# 4: Post less but with higher quality

By posting less often with a focus on better content, you will have higher engagement and your posts will have more followers. Changing the Algorithm on Instagram

# 5: Reply to comments

Treat Instagram comments like a conversation. By responding to comments, you not only pay attention to your followers, but also increase the visibility of your post. The algorithm considers not only how engaging your Instagram post gets, but also how fast. If your post gets a lot of likes and comments right after posting, it signals the Instagram algorithm that the post is high quality content, so the post will be displayed even more to your followers. Changing the Algorithm on Instagram

# 6: Find out when your audience is most active. If you post while most of your followers are online, you are more likely to get likes right away! Analyzing the audience in Instagram statistics on your account can help you discover the best time.

Headlines will be your key to the Instagram algorithm. If you have a catchy headline, users are more likely to read it and click on the 'more' button, which increases the time spent viewing the post. An extra second someone spends reading your headline can be crucial.

Novus Marketing and Advertising is increasingly paying attention to Instagram algorithms as it manages its clients' social networks. Novus takes care that in each post it publishes a proper and quality photo or design, an accurate and striking content and proper hashtags and in relation to the respective business, and engagements on the site are seen to be significantly increasing.



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