E-commerce Benefits

E-commerce has not only transformed the way we shop but has also provided many benefits to consumers and businesses.

Below we are listing some of the advantages that E-commerce provides for your customers:

• Enables customers to buy or make transactions all day long, all year long, anywhere in the world.

• Provides customers with more choices; they can choose from many brands and products.

• Allows customers to interact with other customers in the electronic communities and exchange ideas as well as compare experiences.

• Allows customers to get detailed and important information within seconds.

E-Commerce  brings advantages not only for customers, but also for your business by offering opportunities for expansion in national and international markets.

With a minimal cost of capital, a company can easily and quickly locate more customers. E-commerce increases the promotion of products and services through direct contact, rich in information and interaction with customers, resulting in significant savings for the business.

However, despite the advantages that E-Commerce offers to both businesses and customers, there are some features of online sales that make shoppers hesitant to make an online purchase.

The main disadvantage of online sales is the fact that customers cannot really try or see the product they want to buy. That is why many customers are hesitant to make an online purchase. For this reason, we suggest that you also increase the product warranty portion so that customers feel like they are buying from a trusted online business. 

Lack of human interaction can sometimes lead to product uncertainty from a customer. Make sure you have available opportunities for customers to reach out and ask questions. Make contact information clear and consider talking to a company representative directly. Fear of fraud makes the clientele not believe in online sales. The good news is that there are some security measures through banks, credit cards, marketing software, etc.

Novus Marketing & Consulting  has an incredibly extensive portfolio of e-commerce website construction and development.

Novus through its professional team has realized web e-commerce such as: Ne forme me Aulonen, Toena Publishing House, Class Gold Jewellry, Aspa Gold, etc. which have been extremely successful in selling their products online. Novus will soon publish other e-commerce projects which through a professional marketing will result in the same success for its customers.



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